Chest Unblock

Chest Unblock

  • Chest Unblock (Xiao Bu Xin Tang)

    Herbal Creatures™ Chest Unblock contains herbs traditionally used to treat chest pain.

    A blend of herbs used for:

    • Tightness in the chest and thoracic region
    • Cardiovascular disease
  • How it works

    Chest Unblock is based on a Chinese herbal formula called Xiao Bu Xin Tang, used to improve blood circulation in the chest and thoracic region. This formula also contains herbs that clear 'phlegm', or accumulated thick fluid from the chest. It is especially appropriate in cases of cardiovascular disease with thickened arteries and atherosclerosis, etc, resulting from poor diet and inadequate exercise.

    Traditional Understanding

    This formula contains herbs, which are used to warm, invigorate and enhance blood circulation in the chest and upper back. In Chinese medicine, blood flow is often explained through lack of warmth in the blood, as well as an accumulation of ‘phlegm’. Most herbs used to move the blood and remove phlegm are warm and pungent in nature.

    Pain is alleviated when proper blood circulation to an area is restored; increased warmth softens hardness and pungent dispersal reduces accumulation of fluids.


    • For cardiovascular issues in the upper parts of the body, combine with Cardiovascular Support 1
  • Ingredients

    Pharmaceutical Name

    Pinyin Name

    Dosage (Gram)

    Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis

    Hou Po


    Fructus Aurantii Immaturus

    Zhi Shi


    Fructus Trichosanthis

    Gua Lou Shi


    Bulbus Allii Macrostemi

    Xie Bai


    Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparatum

    Zhi Ban Xia


    Cinnamom Cassia

    Gui Zhi


  • Directions for use
    • Take 3 spoons (9 grams) once daily in wet food.
      Acute symptoms: Take 3 spoons (9 grams), 3 times daily in wet food.
    • For all ages and weights, an extra dose may be taken to enhance results or as professionally advised.
    • Always consult with a qualified healthcare veterinary practitioner before taking herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.
    • Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


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