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Our Testing Policy


Purity   -   Quality   -   Potency

Testing Procedures


Three Tier Testing Policy

Tier 1 (A Grade) - Australian Quarantine and / or Arrival Testing


Quality discernment of correct species and of high quality

Inspected for contaminated goods

Sulfur sampling pump testing for ammonia

Criteria: Sulfur Dioxide must be <1ppm with 6400260 Accuro Multigas Detector


Tier 2 (AA Grade) - In House Testing


Gas Chromatography (GC) - Analysis of gas and volatile compounds

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) - Lower limit detection of gas and volatile compounds as well as volatile pesticide and active compounds

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) - Separate analysis of compounds according to their polarity, and testing for aflatoxin and other active compounds

High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass-Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry (HPLC-MS-MS) - Lower limit detection and more accurate analysis and testing of active compounds as well testing levels of pesticide and antibiotics

Atomic absorption (AA) - Lower limit detection and testing of heavy metals content

High performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) - Analysis of herb spectrum according to strict guidelines


Tier 3 (AAA Grade) - Independent Pesticide Testing through Spring Wind, USA


Independently tested for over 400 pesticides

Testing for pesticide residue

Criteria: Analytical report concludes Non-Detectable (ND) levels

Analytical method:   FDA IMP (and variant of - species dependant)

Extraction method:   FDA 302

Batch recorded



Herb Cultivation

Cultivation based selection, Checked records monitoring variations in environment, soil & water

Batch recorded

Fresh Raw Material Processing

Water washing and cleaning, Selecting and classifying,

Air drying

Batch recorded


Dry Raw Materials

Sample recording, Testing records (ID, assay, pesticides, heavy metals & moisture)

Approval and release record

Batch recorded


Environment monitoring record,

Water monitoring record,

Equipment cleaning record

Batch production recorded


Finished Product

Finish product sampling record, Finish product batch testing record (ID, assay pesticides, heavy metals, microbios, aflatoxins, etc.)

Finish product approval and release recorded

Batch production record


Qualified Finished Product



A commitment to traceability

Our Suppliers have developed Internal Traceability Standards that are accepted by domestic and international customers. These standards are uniquely positioned to develop and deliver traceability for efficient trace back and track forward from each point in a supply chain.

CONTROL MEASURES: How to ensure identification and traceability of incoming materials and products is achieved.

  • Receipt and Storage
  • Process
  • Dispatch
  • Monitoring
  • Corrective Actions
  • Documentation and Record Keeping

Our Traceability Programs enhance supply chain visibility and help product consistency:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Locate and recall defective or unsafe goods
  • Validate particular product attributes, such as organic certification
  • Strengthen inventory control
  • Make supply chains more efficient
  • Enable trading partners to track a product as it moves from the field, through the supply chain, and on to the retail store or foodservice operator.

Botanical Source

  • Rigorous selection of raw materials in compliance with Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) guidelines.
  • Exhaustive testing of drugs which include botanical identification of species, control of active principles and heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins and microbiological control. All standards are in accordance with the International Regulations and Pharmacopoeias.
  • Appropriate storage conditions of our raw materials.

Manufacturing and Plant Equipment

  • Our manufacturing plant extracts more than 3,000 tons of herbs per year in compliance with GMP.
  • Different technologies are applied in Huisong in order to produce our products: different systems/extraction equipment: solid-liquid (drug/solvent), filtration, concentration under vacuum, spraying and vacuum belt dryer systems, purification (liquid-liquid extractions).

Quality Above All

  • The implementation and certification of a Quality Assurance System in compliance with GMP is the basis for our Total Quality Management System. These QC/QA measures enable us to comply with the demands of our clients concerning the quality and reliability of our products, processes and manufacturing equipment.
  • Raw Material controls, in process controls and finished product analyses (all according to the International Regulations or Pharmacopoeias) enable us to guarantee the quality and the traceability of our products.
  • We use the latest instruments and techniques for identification and quantification including: TLC, HPTLC, HPLC with UV/VIS, GC, AA, etc…
  • Isolation and characterization of active principles and marker substances used as reference standards have led to the validation of analytical methods which identify the extract components with more precision and safety.

Quality Control

  • Botanical extracts must be standardized with strict quality controls to ensure consistent composition, safety, and potency. All the botanicals extracts manufactured by our supplier undergo a comprehensive series of tests for identity, purity and potency using international standards or in-house methods.
  • Our well trained staff is dedicated to assuring that all our products meet these standards before they are released for sale.
  • Our certificate of analysis includes standard results for marker compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residues, microbe as well as mesh distribution and bulk density. Additional testing can be done on customer's request.

We could arrange the following tests to assure the quality:

  • Species Indentification (TLC, HPTLC, HPLC)
  • Pesticide Residue Analysis (GC-MS, LC-MS-MS)
  • Heavy Metal Analysis (AA, UV)

  • Active Components Control ( HPLC, UV-VIS)


Our Safety Guarantee

Growing: - to meet your needs

We pride ourselves in sourcing eco-authentic specimens with incredible potency.  Our herbs come from GAP (good agricultural practices) certified farms and ethically wildcrafted sources.

Testing: - most comprehensive

Cell structure comparisons. T.L.C. and active ingredient matching ensure the correct species. Every herb, every time

Storing: - for maximum potency

Storing conditions greatly affect an herb's active ingredients. We purchase in small batches to avoid herbs sitting on the shelf for extended periods.